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We thought it would be fun to showcase the talents of our members, and learn more about them, while we're at it.  We will choose our "Member of the Month" with a random draw.  The member will be presented with a questionnaire to complete.  They'll include a few photos of their favorite quilts and send to Webmaster, Becky Wallroff at or 1797 Agnew Road, Bee, NE 68314, 440-2200, and watch for their story the following month.  The story text will appear in our newsletter, but you'll have to visit the website to view the photos.
Our esteemed Vice President, Mary Robbins, will be second in line.

Mary Robbins  


Tell us about your family:

I have two grown sons, Russ & Andy, a daughter in law, Brooke, and two grandsons, Trent & Tristen.  I've no sisters, daughters or grandaughters, which makes the fact that I have so many wonderful sisters in the guild that much more important to me!


Tell us about your work life: 


I'm a realtor and the office manager of Century 21 Home & Farm Realty in Seward.  It doesn't leave me as much time as I'd like for quilting, but I enjoy my work very much.


How did you get started quilting?

I came away, one year, from the quilt show at Nebraska City's Apple Jack Festival with quilts on my mind.  Sometime later I picked up a quilt magazine at a convenience store while on a lengthy car trip.  I used the instructions in the back to start making my first quilt.
I later learned that both my Grandmother's were prolific quilters although I haven't been able to see any of their work.  I know one of them made many fan quilts and double wedding ring quilts.


What did your first quilt look like?

It was a ridiculously ambitious, queen-sized basket quilt. The workmanship is hideous but the colors are pleasing and my family used it for years, calling it the "magic quilt" because it always made an ill person feel better to curl up under it.


How long have you been a member of BVQG?  I believe since 1996.


To what other groups do you belong?  B.A.B.E.S. - The Back Alley Bunch Evening Society, The Moffit Street Mystery Writers and various real estate organizations, but I've yet to take the plunge with the state guild, I'm afraid.


What inspires you to quilt?  Other people's work, the look and feel of fabric, very often nature.  Its really about color for me.  I like to use simple patterns and just play with the color. 


What projects are you currently working on?  A very simple bow tie quilt I started in order to use up scraps.  It did use a lot of them, too! 


What is your most annoying UFO, and do you think you'll ever finish it?  Something called Paddlewheels and Pinwheels. I used all fabrics from one collection and I have points that don't meet.  The blocks and half blocks were made when my skills were not very highly evolved and I don't know if I ever will finish it.  Any volunteers? 



Mary's Christmas Quilt - finished right before our '07 show.


Mary's current "stash busting" project
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