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Sept '17 Newsletter

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On to the Next Thing

So many activities! Shows and challenges, fairs and conventions. Congratulations to all our member winners for the boatload of awards you gleaned at county and state fair! Wow!!!!) Many of you have been VERY busy, and have been gardening and preserving food, caring for your families, participating in church and club activities and holding down full time jobs! Never forget how amazing you are. 

So it’s on to the next thing. School is back in session, so sports, music and other activities have already got us wearing team colors and cheering for our favorites. Leaf-raking will soon be upon us. But our next things in BVQG are Election of Officers and our Deep Roots, High Hopes Quilt Show. Have you decided how you wish to be involved in the show? Bringing quilts is a good start, but the committee will need hangers, sorters, labelers, white glovers and ticket takers to name a few. There is a job for everybody! Sheila and Becky have been working hard to prepare, so don’t wait for a phone call. Let them know ASAP how you can help!

Election of officers is always a challenge. Becky Wallroff will move up to president next year, which is a positive thing. She has done this job before —and very well — and her energy is a plus to BVQG. But at this particular moment the other spots are open. We will accept nominations from the floor, so if you have any interest in serving on the board in any capacity, please step up!

My personal next thing is to complete my challenge entry for October — and I have been influenced by so many of you in my choices! So with an extra day off, my goal is in sight. (Next on the list: submitting forms/pix for the show.)

Enjoy the rest of the summer and enjoy moving on to YOUR next thing!


Oct 20-21 BVQG Quilt Show Challenge

Quilt Challenge Requirements for 2017 Quilt Show:

Portrait orientation quilt: 20”x25” (with a plus/minus 1” leeway both directions)

Must contain at least one log cabin block or variation of a log cabin block. The block can be any size.

Must be three layers (top, batting and back) but can be tied, hand quilted or machine quilted.

The maker, who can be anyone with ties to Nebraska, has the following options:

 The log cabin block or blocks used can be any log cabin variation, traditional or distorted.

 The log cabin block used can be as big as the whole quilt top or a miniature on a portion of the top.

 The log cabin block can, but does not have to be, a focal point in the quilt.

 The quilt can incorporate other techniques such as appliqué, painting, embellishments, etc.

 The quilt can be made of any fabric.

 The quilt can be a traditional, art or modern style design.

 There is no limit on how many entries you make.

 No hanging sleeve is required.

Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2017

The Program:

We had an excellent truck show and

presentation by Eileen Krumbach.

Besides sharing her quilting experiences

and lovely quilts, she also

shared her involvement with 4-H and

Quilts of Valor. To close her program

we watched a portion of a Fons &

Porter program that featured her and

the Nebraska 4-H involvement in

Quilts of Valor. It was very inspiring.

Business Meeting:

VP Becky Walroff conducted the meeting

in Pres. Katy Coleman’s absence.

Meeting was called to order with a

welcome to all and recognition of

guests – Kathy Bonger and Denise

Bruner. August birthdays were recognized

and asked “Best thing about the


Old Business:

The minutes and treasurer reports

were approved as submitted. There is

an address change for Patsy Mellon. It

is included at the bottom of this

month’s treasurer report.

Fourth of July: Prior comments made

by Dorothy were repeated. As a

group in the community of Seward,

we have our presence known with the

speaker. Any quilt show is quite small

and really provides no real or added

benefit to community awareness of

the group. A motion was made, seconded

and accepted to continue to

have the speaker during the July 4th

festivities but eliminate the quilt

show. A comment was added that

just because we change for next year

doesn’t me we can’t change again.

Also stated the 4th of July planning

committee needs to be informed of

the change. Perhaps the location can

be changed to a place that is easier

to access.

Guild Library: Discussion was held

regarding continuation of library. A

proposal was made to eliminate the

library due to limited use. The current

committee stated with the current

materials and location, they

felt it wasn’t that much work and

guild members still benefit.

County Fair Update: Guild members

did very well at the Seward

Country Fair. The guild sponsored 6

awards this year. They were awarded

as follows:

Best of Lot $50 — Maralee Meyer

Judges Choice $10 — Roxanne


Youngest Exhibitor $10 — Wil Rat


Best Machine Quilting $10 — Becky


Best Hand Quilting $10 — Susan


2017 Award — Think Green $10 —

Connie Kamprath

Winners of the guild quilt challenge

were also announced. Winners received

gift certificates to the Cosmic

Cow/Udder Store. 1st — $15,

2nd — $10 and 3rd — $5.

Guild vote winners:

1st — Teresa TeSelle

2nd — Phyliis Hronik

3rd — Katy Coleman

Fair vote winners:

1st — Katy Coleman

2nd — Phyllis Hronik

3rd — Beck Wallroff

S150 Update: Quilt drop off will be

the evening of 10/19 and morning

for 10/20. More specific times will

be announced later. Quilt pick up

will be 10/22 after 4 pm. The quilt

show will be open on Oct 21st from

9-6 and on Oct 22nd from 12-4.

The committee is requesting that

each member submit at least 5

quilts to be included in the show.

Forms were emailed to members

with last month’s newsletter and

were on the tables. Please submit

the form by Oct. 6 with a picture to

help the committee plan the arrangement

of the quilts for the show. Thirty

invites have been extended to

potential vendors. At this time 2 have

committed for large booths. Booths

are available for $100 for 10 x 20 or

$50 for 10 x 10. There will also be

raffle items for which tickets can be

purchased. These items have been

donated by member and will be similar

to the items offered during the

July 4th celebration this year.

New Business:

State Fair entries: No specifics could

be shared but the entries from Seward

county did very well at the state

fair. There were over 650 quilts entered

in the state fair from across the

state. If members have the opportunity

should really make the trip to

see all the wonderful entries.

Next meeting will be September 18th

with refreshments provided by Sarah

Wunderlich and Diane Swartzlander.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was

made, seconded and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Milligan, Treasurer (substitute


We’d like to get quilts from all decades,

so if you know of area people

that have great quilts to share, please

let them know all are welcome. Information

inviting community members

to register their quilts, will also be

appearing in the Seward paper in September.

A little more pre-planning info for


Quilt drop off…

10/19 Thursday evening (times to be


10/20 Friday morning (times to be


There may also be another location

for earlier drop off

Quilt pick-up…

10/22 Sunday after 4:00

Questions or comments, please contact

Becky Wallroff

Sheila Beins

Blue Valley Quilt Guild Quilt Show News from Becky

Wallroff. . .

Sheila Beins and I are excited to be securing plans for the October 21-22

“Deep Roots, High Hopes” Quilt Show (in conjunction with the Seward S150

Committee) at the Fairground Ag Hall. Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday

noon to 4:00 pm.

We want to encourage you to think about the quilts you’d like to display at the

show. We’d like to have at least 150 quilts, but would love more. Please plan

to share 5 or 6 quilts.

The required registration form can be found on page 4 of this newsletter as

well as being attached to the email with this newsletter. The forms with photo

(nothing fancy…just for identification) need to be returned no later than OCTOBER

6th, in order to give me time to put together a layout. You can certainly

bring printed copies to the August and September meetings; but they can also

be emailed to me at

September Birthdays

Kaye McCloy — 10th

Kandy Kriesser — 22nd

Sarah Wunderlich — 24th

Liz Thanel — 26th

Jeanie Hecker — 27th